Game Two leaves absolutely no doubt about who is the better hockey team.

Look, I don’t care if it’s the Maple Leafs or the Lightning or the Bad News Bears or the Zac Brown Band or the cast of “Stranger Things,” the Bruins have morphed into a complete wagon, and I don’t expect anybody to knock them out of the playoffs until Zdeno Chara hoists the Stanley Cup eight feet above the ground.   This team is hungry for a deep playoff run and Toronto is just the first victim, falling 7-2 in Game Two of the series.

The Leafs stood no chance last night and they knew it right from the opening drop.  It was over by the end of the first period, as the Bruins struck four times with goals courtesy of Jake DeBrusk, Kevan Miller, Rick Nash, and David Pastrnak (more on him later).  By the end of the first 20 minutes, there were no Leaf survivors, and Nazem Kadri was probably glad he wasn’t out there getting mauled.  This game was the definition of one-sided.


Bruins’ forwards came in waves, embarrassing the Leafs’ D-pairings at every turn and forcing goaltender Freddy Andersen out of the game just 12 minutes into the first period.  It was men against boys, Rob Gronkowski against a high school cornerback.  Headed into the locker room after one, the Bruins had scored eight unanswered goals in the series and four goals on eight shots.  Complete and utter decimation.  It’s tough to find this type of point-scoring efficiency anywhere except a Tom Brady Super Bowl drive.

David Pastrnak enjoyed a six-point burst and a hat trick, leading the charge alongside first-liners Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand.  His third and final goal represented everything great about the sport of hockey and makes you forget that he’s barely old enough to legally crack open a Bud Light after the game.

As for Tuukka Rask, things looked promising.  He finished with 30 saves and two goals allowed, which won’t win him a Player of the Game medal but was certainly good enough to keep the Bruins in the game.  He also made some big stops in the second period and shunted the Leafs’ momentum after their second goal.

Speaking of the Leafs’ offense, forget everything I said about not writing them off.  It’s too late for miracles.  They’re too soft, too scared, and unwilling to face this Bruins’ juggernaut.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they lay down their sticks and surrendered the entire series, even on home-ice.   These two games have left absolutely no doubt about who is the better team.

Will the Bruins sweep?  It’s highly possible given what we’ve seen in the first two games.  The Leafs still have four more games to win and two more games to lose, as both teams travel north of the border for games three and four.   But I recommend they should start working out the kinks in their golf swings, because they’ll be playing a lot less hockey after they’ve dealt with the Black and Gold this week.

Ben Healey is a high school junior from Nottingham, New Hampshire.  He enjoys watching sports and does not enjoy grammatical error’s.  You can contact him on Twitter here or email here.

Images credit to Boston Herald and NESN

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